Corporate Responsibility

Our mission is to create meaningful change through socially and environmentally smart business. Here are some of the ways we're upholding that commitment.

Social Compliance

The decisions we make at headquarters in Santa Barbara can impact facilities across the world, so we are the first step in upholding corporate social responsibility. We are committed to promoting fair labor practices and safe working conditions in all factories producing Toad&Co goods. Manufacturers who make our product are held to our Workplace Code of Conduct to provide employees with a sustainable work environment.

When we partner with a manufacturer, we look for strong company leadership and a commitment to human rights. We are proud of the long-lasting relationships we have with many of our vendors. Every year we visit vendors’ facilities to ensure first hand that we continue to produce our clothing with integrity.


We believe that you could visit any of our factories and leave not thinking less of Toad&Co or our products. We work with manufacturers taking steps above and beyond to promote sustainability and community culture in the workplace.

Our partner in Turkey, for example, manages the entire manufacturing process from organic cotton farming to making fabrics to assembling the final garments. Total processing within one country has many benefits: It dramatically reduces the environmental footprint associated with material transportation and increases traceability on all production platforms. Recently they have taken their commitment to sustainability a step further by switching to solar energy at the factory – a transition that has reduced their carbon emissions by half.

Another partner in El Salvador is highly involved in community projects. Their entire manufacturing team and their families receive free medical care at the on-site clinic that also serves members of the community. Separately, they run an equine therapy program to treat community members with disabilities. They provide free primary daycare to children of employees and free schooling to more than 500 kids in their community. With a commitment to bettering not just the work environment but the entire community, we’re proud to be associated with our manufacturing partners.

Factory Visits

The photos above are from a recent visit to our factory partner in El Salvador. Long term relationships with our factories not only ensure high standards of garment manufacturing quality, but stability and high workplace standards for workers.