Our Guide to Splashing Color Into Every Day

Life is brimming with color, from the blue sky outside to nature’s palette of plants. We think inviting color into your day also brings in joy. Think of fresh and bright citrus on the counter, that cozy and colorful sweater, or tilting your head skywards to take in the sunshine. Moments of color are what help us refill our cups (or top them off), especially on gray days.

In celebration of color, here are 10 of our favorite ways to say “hey” to more colors every day:

  1. Paint! Whether it’s your bedroom wall or cabinet, paint goes a long way to brighten up a space. Renting? Try removeable wallpaper or a large canvas.
  2. Let the blue sky in by opening those curtains. Or, pause and look up when leaving work for the day.
  3. Welcome a bright plant to your desk space (cacti are our low maintenance favorite). 
  4. Add a small disco ball to a window to catch sunlight and spread glimmers.
  5. Eat the rainbow by adding color veggies and fruits to your meals.
  6. Bring a bright reusable (and planet-friendly) water bottle, reusable containers, or beeswax wraps.
  7. Wear your color with a cozy tee or adventure-friendly layer (it’ll brighten up even the grayest of days).
  8. Swap your black pens for blue or purple (or find a colorful notepad instead).
  9. Pick a park for a lunchtime walk and greener views.
  10. Stay curious - it’s easy to find color in places you’d never expect it.