A Toad is Born

For those of you who have ever wondered about the origin of our “Toad” icon (A Horny Toad or Horned Lizard), we're here to quench your thirst for knowledge and debunk the wild folklore.

Here's a multiple choice to help you get to the bottom of the story of our legendary lizard.

Question: Where did we get the inspiration for the beloved “Toad” icon?

A. Horny Toads were used as the “messenger pigeons” of the desert.

B. Horny Toads were used as an early form of bear spray, thanks to their unique ability to project offensive streams of blood from their eyes.

C. Horny Toads are the only animal (besides birds) with the ability to mimic human speech.

D. Toad&Co founder Jessica Nordhaus had an affinity for Horny Toads after growing up with them as a child in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Answer: All of the above! Just kidding... The real answer is D. Yes our founder, Jessica, grew up catching Horny Toads and even had one as a pet. When it came down to brainstorming names for her new outdoor apparel company, she sat down with her dad and a few beers. They determined she needed an eye-catching and memorable icon that represented the resilience and ruggedness of her new western-made outdoor brand. After a few pints it didn’t take long for the dynamic duo to settle on an old friend, the Horny Toad.

For more on our long history (hint: it all started with fleece hats in a garage in Telluride), head here.

Bonus Question: Who designed the first Toad icon?

A: Jessica drew the first icon herself in 1996. Check out the various versions of the Toad over the years. Toad_Evolution_1060 Shop: Men's Styles and Women's Styles.