Toad Book Report: Where Men Win Glory

Book Name and Author Where Men Win Glory by John Krakauer Fiction or Nonfiction? Nonfiction Read By Drew Brooker, Customer Service Lead Premise of Book Krakauer highlights Pat Tillman’s life in parallel with the conflict in the Middle East. Tillman’s sacrifice, free thinking spirit and overall valor are depicted throughout the entire book. The author sheds light on the protagonist’s death, the attempted cover up by military officials, and his family’s efforts to uncover the truth. Your biggest Takeaway from the book? I found this alternative side to the war, rather than what is covered in the news, fascinating. I knew quite a bit about Tillman prior to this read, however after reading this book I was left with the utmost admiration and respect for the man he was. He sacrificed, money, western comforts and love for his country. Memorable Quote: “But the great man is he who in the midst of the crowd keeps with perfect sweetness the independence of solitude….”