Acoustic Rock Series

We've always said there's something special about the local outdoor shop. Whenever we're in a new place, it's our go-to stop for tips on the best local trails, meeting like-minded folks and getting detailed instructions on where we can find the best beer & burger in town. But the people at Half-Moon Outfitters have taken it to a new level and added "concert venue" to the list of reasons we love specialty outdoor shops. On a stage of persian rugs underneath a worn rock-climbing wall in the heart of the Half-Moon Outfitters Charleston store, the Acoustic Rock Series has got us on our feet for folk singers, blues musicians, songbirds, rock stars and one sweet beat-boxing rabbi. Here's what we've been playing on repeat from our favorite sets of 2015: Delta Spirit, "Children" Matisyahu, "Surrender" Matt Costa, "Silver Sea" Stop Light Observations, "Circadian Rhythms: Dusk" Tristan Prettyman, "Love Love Love" Eric Hutchinson, "A Little More"