Modern Travel: Be Yourself Everywhere

sustainable modern travel clothes

The days of the travel costume are over. Goodbye zip-off pants, safari shirts, neon windbreakers and mesh side panels. Hello cool patterns, little black dresses, sophisticated button-downs and updated chinos. We think good travel clothing should have all the characteristics of the clothes you love to wear everyday: comfortable, flattering, great colors and easy to wear. Now add some travel-friendly performance fabrics and super-sneaky stash pockets and your favorite everyday clothes just became your favorite travel gear. Wear a drirelease® polo hiking or to a music festival. Toss on a wrinkle-free sundress when you’re stuck in the middle seat or strolling cobblestone streets. Do more with less. That’s what it means to Modern Travel. Our Modern Travel criteria is simple:


No one wants to be bogged down when they travel. Whether it’s lugging a bag halfway across the world or carrying a daypack, less is more. Our travel styles resist wrinkles and look great after a full day of activity or straight out of the bag. We use ultra-light and quick dry fabrics mean a rogue summer storm won’t slow you down, and wash your clothes in the motel sink for perfectly clean threads by morning.

Long-haul Comfort

Performance fabrics aren’t worth it if they don’t feel great against your skin. We use Organic Cotton and Tencel® fibers for their silky-soft, moisture wicking features; light and durable polyester for its wrinkle and water resistance; and a dose of spandex or a special polyester yarn for easy stretch. Lightweight weaves have a nice pucker built in to keep you cool if the day is hot, while soft jersey knits are excellent for easy layering when the weather is unpredictable. Special denser knits allow for multi-day wearability without flagging, sagging or bagging.

Stealth Performance

Great fabrics are the key to great clothes. Our travel fabrics are treated with Ultraviolet Protection to smack down rays, drirelease® odor control to keep you fresh and DWR (durable water repellent) finish for speediest dry time and featherweight wind and rain protection. Go ahead, hike up a mountain in that little black dress.

Super Packable

Roll it up, jam it in a bag, pull it out, give it a fluff, wear all day, repeat. Lightweight clothes that don’t wrinkle are clutch for day hikes, commutes, or the trip of a lifetime. And versatile styles are key to minimal packing. Neutral colors match nearly everything and look great on the trail, at the monument, in the café and around town. Pack one shirt for a whole week of activities. One bag, endless possibilities.

Styling That Lets You Be Yourself Everywhere

We design our travel wear so it’s easy to dress the way you want to, just like you do everyday. Detailed hems, necklines, silhouettes and beautiful fabrics make you look polished and easily adaptable to any environment while still actively accommodating your next move. And hidden zipper stash pockets are just that – hidden! Sometimes in the waistband or inside a pocket, zipper stash pockets keep your valuables close without calling attention to them – a travel must.

From your office around the corner to the trail at the edge of the world, always be prepared and be yourself wherever you go. Welcome to Modern Travel.