Better Together: Perfect Pairs

Why have one good thing when you can have two? Here are some of our favorite duos of all time. 

Music and dancing

Crank up the beats, it’s time to hit the dance floor. Whether you’re out at the club or in the living room on your own, there are few things better than a night of gettin’ down to tunes that make you shout to no one in particular, “I love this song!”   

Tacos and Tuesdays 

Are there any two more beautiful words? Throw in a marg and a few good pals and you have yourself the best way to spend a weeknight, period. 

Cats and dogs

Why all the pressure to choose? If you’ve ever seen a cat and dog that are best friends, you know what we’re talking about. 

Camping and coolers

Ultralight backpackers, we see you. But there’s nothing wrong with a little car camping action that involves all your favorite accouterments, no weight-cutting required. Pack a cooler full of the good stuff—food for the grill, beers for everyone—and relax into a night in the great outdoors. 

Salt and vinegar

Specifically, in chip form.

Sandals and socks

Your dad was right all along. Socks and sandals are the easiest—and coziest—way to go if you’re walking the dog, grabbing a coffee or taking a stroll with a friend. Plus, it looks cool, too. There, we said it. 

Trails and trash pickers

“Leave no trace” is one of the cardinal rules of the outdoors. But you know what’s even better? Leaving a place cleaner than you found it. Bring a bag on your next trail-bound adventure, and pick up any wrappers or bottles less conscientious hikers left behind. Mother Nature will thank you for it. 

Beaches and blankets

Sure, there are plenty of ways to have an enjoyable beach hang. But find a clear patch of sand and bust out a good blanket, and you’ve got hours of wave-watching bliss on your horizon. 

Hot Sauce and everything 

This one is cheating a bit, we admit. But some of the most delicious things in life are made even more delicious with hot sauce. It’s just science. 

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