Toad&Co Black History Month Outdoor Film Festival


As part of Black History Month, we're hosting a film screening for Team Toad. We set out to find a long list of outdoor adventure films featuring Black female athletes (PSA: International Women's Month is around the corner, too) – and we'll be honest, it wasn't easy. Underrepresentation of people of color in the outdoor industry is real (In 25 years, Outside Magazine has only featured three Black women on its cover). And in this list of 80 women's adventure films, only four featured Black women! The good news is that more awareness is being brought to this issue, and awesome individuals like these Black outdoor leaders are helping pave the way for change. 

And after doing some digging, we came up with an awesome playlist of short films that the Toads will watch together this month. They celebrate Black athletes in the outdoors – and are so inspiring we wanted to share the love.

So get comfy, grab some popcorn, and turn up the volume. Watch them continuously - mini film fest style - on YouTube, or check 'em out below. 


This Land

Transformed: How Women in Surfing are Changing the World

Do Better Together 

The Mirnavator

The Approach