Bounce: How the Ball Taught the World to Play

Bounce_filmstill_037 Plaaaayy Baaaaall! We’re rooting for the home team on this one and giving an “Attaboy!” to our resident Toad photographer, David McLain, whose superior cinematography skills are on full display in his latest documentary, Bounce: How the Ball Taught the World to Play. From Brazilian favelas to dusty Congolese villages, from Neolithic Scottish isles to modern soccer pitches, Director Jerome Thélia asks anthropologists, psychiatrists, historians, evolutionary biologists, sports commentators and even a juggler “What’s so great about a ball?” Well, it turns out a whole lotta stuff. Surprisingly scientific and pleasantly philosophical, Bounce explores the little-known origins of our favorite sports and the people (well, specimens) who just can't get enough of them. From ancient Mayan courts to Youtube clips with 10 million views, the ball has been enthralling players and audiences for thousands of years. It’s firmly staked its claim on our lives and, Spoiler Alert: It’s here to stay. For more information on Bounce and where to see the film, visit 1430502611143
Bounce_filmstill_028 Bounce_filmstill_076 An excerpt on the power of the ball in Orkney Islands, Scotland… Bounce - The Kirkwall Ba, Orkney Islands, Scotland from Merge on Vimeo.