Daylight Savings Bucket List

Well, Daylight Savings is officially here and you know what that means... There's finally enough light in the day to build that birdhouse or perfect your bonsai tree collection. After a long Winter of indoor activities, #screenlife, and sweatpants, we've got a bucket list of outdoor activities for your inspiration. Long live the sun (and slightly more dressed up pants that still feel 100% like sweatpants)!

Pro tip: Make sure you go extra heavy on your favorite reef-safe sunscreen before crawling back out into the sunshine.

1. Build a raised-bed planter box

There's no time better than now to build a home for your Summertime herb garden. Plus, building a raised-bed is easier than you might think. All that's needed is a drill, some sustainably-harvested wood, your compost pile and a good headspace. Your home-grown bounty awaits.

2. Ride your bike to the next town over

Biking a little longer than usual is a simple, yet fun way to satisfy that adventurous spirit of yours. Set your sights on a destination across town or beyond (we find that breweries make great pit stops) and put pedal to the open road.

3. Cook a meal outdoors

With a couple extra hours of daylight to spare around dinner time, there's nothing better than cooking a meal in the great outdoors (which, by the way, your backyard totally counts). Light up the campfire, BBQ, or underground earth oven known in Peru as a Pachamanca (new trivia fact for the win), and take advantage of the extra sunshine in your day. 

4. Catch a sunset surf

It’s no secret that the gnarliest surf often requires seeking out the coldest waters in the dark of Winter, but for those living near the coast, sunset surfing comes alive in the long days of Summer. For once in your life (or for the one-thousandth), give it a try. 

5. Go for a horseback ride

We get it, horses are big and intimidating. But the feeling of connecting with one of these intelligent creatures as you move in step together in the great outdoors is one to remember. Find a friendly horse ranch near you, take a lesson or book a trip, this one is a good idea.