Somethin’ Sweet: S’more Recipes for Campier Times

One thing adults, kids and everyone in between can agree on is that s’mores are f#%$in awesome. Whether we’re posted up under a canopy of redwoods, beaching it Santa Barbara (aka Toad HQ) style, or just firing up the backyard grill, Camp Toad is always stocked with a healthy supply of grahams, chocolate bars and marshmallows. 

It’s no surprise that after a few years of careful, highly scientific and ultra top-secret experimentation, we’ve come up with some recipe ideas to elevate your s’more game to the next level. Taste buds, prepare to explode. 

  1. The Cookie Butter S’more - It’s your classic s’more with the addition of chunky cookie butter spread right on top of the graham. This simple addition will transform an ordinary s’more into a sweet concoction from another galaxy.
  2. Mexican Chocolate S’more - Cinnamon + chili powder = a powerful punch of flavor that you never knew was possible. Try it, share it, love it. 
  3. Potato Chip Crunch S’more - Craving a salty crunch to compliment the sweet, sweet taste of a classic s’more? Add a single potato chip into the mix and prepare to be amazed.
  4. Oreo Cookie S’more - On this episode of s’more making 101, we’re going to swap the graham cracker for an Oreo cookie. The result? One can only taste for themselves. 
  5. Candy Bar S’more - Though using something other than chocolate might be considered blasphemous in the world of s’mores, this don't-knock-it-till-you-try-it recipe calls for swapping the chocolate bar for your favorite candy bar. We’re talkin’ Kit-Kat, Snickers, or anything along those lines, you’re the chef. 

Man and woman roasting marshmallows around a campfire