Dear Plastic, It's Over

Dear plastic,

Our relationship's been toxic for a while now. We just don't feel that you're good for us anymore. We're looking for something to make us better, drive us forward, and support our lofty ambitions and goals. You know Mother Nature's always been another important relationship for us  and you're always trying to get in between us (jealousy's not a cute look on anyone, FYI). At this point, we just need something a little more natural and less synthetic. It's not us, it's you. 

You know reducing our environmental impact has always been integral to who we are. And you, plastic, the way you show up in our packaging isn't working for us anymore. Don't pretend you didn't see this coming (ahem, remember when we wrote an entire post on why polybags suck and you still didn't get the hint?). It's been an unhealthy relationship for a while, and you know it. 

We've been at this a long time together, so we're exploring what this separation will look like over the next five years. By 2026, we commit to removing all of our plastic based product packaging. 

You know better than anyone: Plastic packaging is more than just the bags that come in every order (you've got a lot of sides to you, and we don't mean that in a good way). That means we're committed to removing plastic from e-commerce shipping packaging, individual product bags or wraps, hang tags, joker tags (usually found folded over the waist of an item), labels, label/hang tag attachments, stickers, moisture-control packs and tissue, and protective wrapping on trims (as in buttons, zippers, etc.). 

We're growing and without you in the picture, we have even more opportunity to spread our wings and be better. Along with our plastic packaging goal we have also committed to two other responsible packaging goals we’re pretty excited about (can you just be happy for us for once, please?):  

  • By 2022, ensure all paper-based product packaging meets at a minimum all FSC guidelines — with preference to recycled content and future innovative solutions.
  • By 2025, ensure all paper-based product packaging is made from 100% recycled content, with preference to post-consumer waste. 

Breaking up with you is no small feat (you're kind of everywhere we look), so we're bringing in some extra support. To aid in this journey we joined the Responsible Packaging Movement: a collaborative working group of likeminded brands and nonprofits working together to push the industry towards more sustainable packaging. We're excited to share best practices and learn together  and are proud to inspire a movement and celebrate change. 

Thanks for being there when we needed you, but our time together is coming to an end. We can't say we wish you the best. 



PS to all you conscious consumers out there who are trying to break up with plastic too — we can't build a movement alone. Here's how you can get involved:

1. Join the Responsible Packaging Movement (it's available to individuals too!). If you're committed to making responsible choices like avoiding single use plastics, replacing plastic containers with sustainable ones, and reducing the use of paper products, join a community of likeminded consumers. 

2. Provide feedback. As we move through this journey, we'll be testing new innovative ways to reduce plastic. When you order from us and see something new, please keep us in the loop with what you love and what didn't work for you.