Some Like It Hot (Sauce)

If you ask us, BBQ Month (fun fact: it's May) is nothing without a proper dose of spice to kick it up. The world is really your oyster when it comes to hot sauce options, so we've narrowed it down for you with a few of our Toads' go-to sources of heat. Proceed with caution. 

Steve - This is my jam! Marie Sharp's is the best. My favorite is the Grapefruit Pulp Habanero Sauce. The blend of habanero with grapefruit and lime juice give it a super fresh taste. It's amazing on fish or chicken, but I pretty much put it on everything (rice bowls, pizza, eggs.). Plus, it's from Belize, so it makes it really unique among other hot sauces. 

Sarah P.  - Oooh, this is easy. Dave's Total Insanity Hot Sauce. It's HOT. For a whole bowl of soup, I'll use one drop and it does the trick. This stuff can literally strip a wax floor and remove grease it's so powerful. You've been warned. 

Hot sauce

Megan - My favorite is called Erős Pista - it's a Hungarian hot sauce that we used to eat when I went to high school there. My mom still lives there and brings a jar back for me whenever she comes home!

Anthony - The perfect hot sauce blend is a 1:1:1 ratio of Franks RedHot or Sriracha, BBQ sauce, and Teriyaki sauce. Try it on pretty much anything and thank me later.

BBQ Sauce blend

Guin - I'm a big fan of Char Man out of Ojai (just a hop, skip, and a jump away from our Toad HQ in Santa Barbara, CA). They have a few different kinds but I'm all about the Original. It has some heat and tang, great with any savory breakfast item. 

Lucinda - I love Pepper Plant. You'll find a bottle of it on the tables of just about every breakfast café in my Ventura hometown. It's more flavorful than hot and I use it on everything from eggs to salad dressing. The best part is it tastes like home to me.  

Liv - Taco Bell mild sauce is my go-to. I put it on everything, but particularly love it on eggs. 

Taco Bell Mild Hot Sauce