Eight Days of Valentines

Love comes in many forms. So many that the Ancient Greeks had to create eight words for the darn thing. So why shouldn’t Valentine’s Day be inclusive of all those feelings that love has to offer? Here are eight Valentine’s Day activities — one for each type of love. *Bonus points for anyone who completes all eight in a day.

Eros - Romantic Love

This one here is for all the lovers. It might be the most obvious, but no less special. In an era where most activities are spent within your own four walls, a sunrise view and picnic can go a long way (mimosas and a view to yourselves? Yep). Or go with the element of surprise: If you're not the chef of the pair, whip something up and whisk your partner off his or her feet. We've never met a gourmet grilled cheese we didn't like (just sayin'..)

Philia - Friendly love

Though a Zoom chat may have to suffice, take a moment to plan a one-on-one hang with a close friend who you haven’t seen in a while. Send them a cocktail kit in the mail and share a drink while you catch up. 

Agape - Universal love

It's always a good idea to show a little extra love to Mother Earth. Try taking a walk through some trees, hop in your nearest body of water, or a climb a mountain and give nature your best hug (good news: Nature hugs are still OK). 

Storge - Familiar love

Send your family members a reminder that you are all together, even when far apart. Craft a family tree or frame a photograph, and remind your closest crew that you're thinking of them. 

Mania - Obsessive love

OK, this one can be a little tricky, because sometimes love is strange. Try sending a card to your favorite athlete, musician, political representative or community leader and simply let them know you appreciate what they do. 

Ludus - Playful love

Love is playful and sometimes calls for laughter. So write someone you love a poem and don’t be afraid to make it goofy. Or, send a quirky Valentine made from items you found around the house.

Pragma - Enduring love

Celebrate a love that has matured over the years with an activity that only you two (as in: you and your kindergarten friend, long-time partner, or 12-year-old dog) could share. For example, recreate your first date or the day you first met, or revisit your first posts on each others' Facebook walls.

Philautia - Self love

And finally, the love we all can benefit from. A day of self-love and self-appreciation. Do what makes you happy and enjoy every moment of it, whether that's a Netflix binge, dance party for one, or sending yourself a Valentine with all the things you love about yourself. There are no rules when it comes to showing yourself some gratitude.