The 21-Day Racial Equity Challenge

Last year, we signed onto The Outdoor CEO Diversity Pledge to increase diversity and inclusion within our own four walls and the outdoor industry as a whole. To kickstart our commitment, Toads took part in a 21-Day Racial Equity Habit Building Challenge. Each day we took one action to deepen our understanding of power, privilege, oppression, and equity. We then met in (virtual) breakout groups to share our actions and talk about what we'd learned. 

While we'd recommend this challenge, and all its suggested actions, to everyone (and many of us have extended this challenge well beyond the 21 days), here are a few of the reads, listens, and other resources we found most impactful:

  • "Throughout the challenge, I came away with two favorite pieces of content: Netflix's 13th — a powerful documentary on systemic racial inequality in the justice system; and the podcast Nice White Parents — an eye-opening look at how race influences parents' choices in schools." -Holly
  • "I was fascinated listening to the podcast Seeing White. The depth and breadth of U.S. history untold was both shocking and eye opening. It provided valuable context to understand the deep rooted racial inequality that still exists in 2020." -Gordon
  • "I found many of the readings, podcasts, and videos to be incredibly educational, and one short, yet, powerful clip really stuck with me. If someone still doesn't understand privilege, show them this video." -Sarah
  • "I'd recommend watching The Disturbing History of the Suburbs to anyone. Through this quick watch, I learned that in the 30s, white Americans were given access to home loan programs whereas Black Americans were redlined and not given access to federal loans — allowing white people to accrue wealth and more education funding for generations to come." -Steve
  • I found "How White People Got Made" to be an informative read to get started with, and I also learned a lot from NPR's Louder Than a Riot podcast, which dives into the deep-rooted connection between hip-hop and the criminal justice system." -Christina

The 21 Day Challenge was just a start. This month, we're kicking off bi-monthly Diversity, Equity and Inclusion breakout conversations that will focus on a variety of topics, plus resources, guest speakers, and activities. Because we still have plenty of work to do.