Give Back Every Morning with 1% for the Planet Coffee Roasters

A good cup of coffee can be literally eye-opening. Thanks to these coffee roasters, our eyes have been opened to how good coffee can do good. 

Need to read that over one more time?

A cup of coffee will help, so we've rounded up our favorite coffee roasters who are fellow members of the 1% For The Planet network (a global community of businesses, non-profits, and people who are working together to tackle our planet's most pressing issues). 1% For The Planet has already invested over $350 million in environmental solutions, and with your help (keep your eyes peeled for the logo when you shop), they can do even more.

P.S.- If you want to support 1% FTP members beyond your morning joe, check out their member directory for all the great businesses who make the planet a priority. 

Thundersnow Coffee Co.

Awesome name? Check.

Incredible Coffee? Check.

Dedicated to taking care of our planet? Double check.

This family run roaster out of La Salle, Colorado was founded with the idea that your morning coffee should be just as strong as the natural phenomena the company was named after. (Yes, thundersnow is a real thing.)

All it takes is one sip of Thundersnow’s incredible brew and you’ll be just as excited as this guy.

Sandhill Coffee

It takes a special coffee to make it through a Chicago winter, and this roaster from just outside the city creates exactly that.

Besides the incredible flavor in their coffee, Sandhill is dedicated to making coffee today so that future generations will have access to the same, if not better, environment tomorrow.

Gotham Coffee Roasters

Making an impression in the crowded New York City coffee scene is challenging, but Gotham Coffee Roasters has done just that.

Their incredible flavors should be enough to get you in the door, but the impressive list of nonprofits that they support and partner with will be enough to keep you coming back! 

Canary Coffee

Canary Coffee is a small business that was created when a group of frustrated coffee lovers got together and asked a simple question.

Why does great coffee cost so much?

Ever since they’ve been roasting affordable, high-quality coffee out of Oxnard, California (special shout out 'cause they're our neighbors). Their passion for great coffee means they’re passionate about taking care of the people and places their beans come from, which is why we love supporting them!

Boomtown Coffee

As a company that aims to provide a boom with every sip, you can be sure that any coffee from Boomtown in Houston, Texas will pack the rich flavors we all know and love.

Of course, they’re also committed to giving 1% of their sales to 1% For The Planet which is just one of many reasons we love 'em!

Triple Crown Coffee

Are you a fan of America’s most famous hiking trails like the Appalachian, Continental Divide, and Pacific Coast Trail? The coffee roasters at Triple Crown Coffee are too, and they want to protect them by selling delicious coffee.

Triple Crown was founded by thru-hikers in Groveland, Massachusetts, but supporting them means supporting trails throughout the entire country.

Grounds for Change

Grounds for change is brewing more than just a clever name, they’re creating positive change with each bag of coffee they sell.

Not only is this family-owned company a member of 1% For The Planet, but they also sell fair trade coffee in small batches that ensure quality and carbon-free certified coffee!

So you've got your morning covered, but are you happy hour ready? Check out our favorite 1% for the Planet breweries next.