The Toad&Co Grilled Cheese Poetry Slam

Each year, our annual Grilled Cheese Smackdown reveals the inner chefs within us (the Toads, our friends and families, and our local partners and community members). But this year, as our epic battle of the sandos went virtual for the second year in a row, we revealed our inner poets too.

While some of our Toads submitted their mouthwatering Grilled Cheese recipes, others showed up with a different kind of art: poetry. And oh, were they good. So without further ado, our virtual grilled cheese poetry slam. Cue the bongo drums and get your snap applause ready (and head to our Instagram to vote for your faves). 

Grilled cheese sandwich on blue table

Ode to the Sublime

(Reflections on Grilled Cheese sandwiches)

I love a good sando of cheese,

It never, ever fails to please.

Ooey and gooey,

With bread slightly chewy,

It leaves me weak in the knees.

-Lucinda, Production

Melty grilled cheese

Grilled Cheese for the Soul

Gooey Greasy and Golden,

Grilled to a crispy perfection.

I stay up at night pondering the symbolism,

That the simplest of sandwiches can bring universal joy.

Breakfast, lunch or dinner

Cheddar Cheese, Gouda or processed Kraft.

There are no rules,

Just follow your heart.

Grilled Cheese

-Tessa, Production

grilled cheese sandwich

Cravings Of Cheese

Hungry, I want a meal made with ease

Prepared using simple ingredients, please

I want my stomach well fed

So I grab two slices of bread

And make myself a melty grilled cheese

-Summer, Accounting

 Grilled cheese with fries

Grilled Cheese, A Haiku

Sensational Dry

Suddenly Grilled Cheese Crunches

In Your Eyes Fireworks

-Andrew, Customer Experience

 Grilled cheese with cheese melting and pulling

Grilled cheese THE sandwich

Hot skillet many flavors

Caramelized wild


Spices and toppings

Golden melted gooey cheese

Buttery glazed breads


A meal I crave not

Yet why my senses devour

Eat shall I? I must!

-Prabhav, Accounting

grilled cheese sandwich on a platter

Ooey-Gooey Grilled Cheese: A Love Letter from a Dairy Free Girl

Oh Grilled Cheese! How I miss you!

There is not a day that goes by where I don’t miss your warm embrace.

Those winter days all cozy underneath a blanket with you right next to me and a mug of hot tomato soup in my hand.

Or those sunny spring days, sitting outside and enjoying a fully loaded ooey-gooey grilled cheese.

The delicious symphony of tomato and bacon and different kinds of cheeses!

The cheddar, the gouda, the provolone, the fontina.

How I long to have those days back!

But I made the choice to be dairy free and I have no one to blame but myself.

I thought it would be best to not have to deal with the tummy aches,

But whenever I think of you, I just want to take a bite and say “F it all!”

But I can’t. I musn’t.

However, I fear I will not be able to stay away.

Is my resolve slipping? Yes.

Will I regret it? No

Will I risk everything for you? Damn right!

With Love,

A Dairy Free Girl

-Johanna R., Customer Experience