Redefining Spontaneity

This past year has challenged us to live without many of the pleasures that we may have once taken for granted: spending time with our families, salsa bars, live music, free refills… the list goes on. But as an outcome of losing all that good stuff, we’ve had to reinvent the most important things of all. 

Among those is the cornerstone of any good adventure  spontaneity. This feeling is what keeps us on our toes, in love with life and on the brink of the unknown. So how have we managed to persist through this time without the spontaneous lives that we were used to? By finding spontaneity in the little moments that are right in front of us. 

From our notes on life to you, here’s a list of five unexpected places to look for some spontaneity. We hope it brings you joy. 

  1. Your closet (obviously) - Getting dressed in the morning, even if nobody will see your outfit, is an opportunity to reinvent yourself and live for the moment. Don’t be afraid to take risks, change it up or go with something that makes you laugh. We believe dressing is more than a chore. 
  2. Your kitchen - Cooking with some newness awakens all of your senses and can stimulate creative muscles that you never knew you had. Grab an ingredient you've never used before, throw the recipes out the window and wing it.
  3. Your neighborhood - Take a walk down a random street and check out your surroundings. It’s amazing how many cool homes you may have passed by and never really seen
  4. Your phone - Everyone loves getting a call out of the blue from an old friend, so send out the good vibes and open up a conversation you might not normally have thought of. 
  5. Your pen (or keyboard) - Writing down what’s on the top of your mind is a great way to feel fresh and in the moment. Sometimes nothing comes to mind, that’s okay. Whatever it is, however unusual, let the spontaneity flow.