How to Sew a Button

While we wish we could all be the most sustainable as possible when it comes to clothes (aka: go nude), your neighbors and community may not feel the same. So while you do have to get dressed in the morning, there are ways to do it in a way that takes things easier on the planet. Like choosing clothes that are sustainably made (like in clean factories with fair practices and only using the most sustainable materials), making sure you buy clothes that were really designed to last in the first place, and taking care of the clothes that you do have.

We're firm believers that arming yourself with a few easy repairs is a great way to keep great clothes in circulation (and spared from landfill-bound doom), and prove your domestic prowess all at once. And while a button fix may seem daunting, it's one of the simplest fixes of all. So if you have a pile of forgotten, waiting-to-be-fixed clothes, we've got you. Here's a quick and easy guide on button-sewing 101: