6 Valentine's Day Ways to Love Your Mother (Earth)

Valentine's Day is for loving those who matter most in your life. So in the spirit of our constant love for our planet, we're celebrating this day by sharing a few ways to send a little extra love to your Mother (Earth).

1) Swap one household item from disposable to reusable. For example, trade in a roll of paper towels for a cloth rag (bonus points if you repurpose an old t-shirt).

2) Get this week's groceries from your local Farmer's Market (psst: don't forget to bring your own bags).

Vegetables at the Farmer's Market

3) Cook yourself a delicious plant-based meal. We're suckers for a good mushroom risotto or a creamy butternut squash linguine like this one.

4) Make Valentine's Day cards with old materials lying around your house. (Hint: we've even got a blog on it)

Succulent with Valentine that reads "Our love is drought tolerant"

5) Clean up your local park or hiking trail by collecting a few pieces of trash on your next outing. It’s a double whammy  you’ll feel good doing it and your community will thank you.

6) Save precious resources by shortening your shower or biking instead of fueling up your car. She’s got a lot to give but it’s on us to save finite resources for future generations.


Team Toad