National Beer Day Quiz: What Type Of Beer Are You?

April 7 is National Beer Day! In honor of the great holiday celebrating the venerable beverage, we put together 5 questions to very scientifically determine your beer personality. Keep track of your responses, and then scroll down for your beer soulmate.

Beer Quiz

If you answered mostly A: You're an IPA.

You like a bold, action-packed experience and your beer has to reflect that.

If you answered mostly B: You're a Lager.

You’re a fan of the classics and you’re always up for a good time, yeehaw.

If you answered mostly C: You're a Sour.

Complexity is the name of the game and with curiosity like yours, you need a beer that keeps it interesting.

If you answered mostly D: You're a Stout.

You live for the colder months of the year and cherish the comfort of a warm cabin in the snow, or the green grasses of Ireland. Cheers, laddie. 

If you answered mostly E: You're a Wheat.

We get it, you just want to have fun.