Crank Up the Color, Tune Into Texture: BTS With Our Design Team

Bold, yet wearable colors inspired by nature, unexpected texture twists, and finding joy in everyday moments... Our new collection is here and we are oh-so-excited to share it with you. Designer Helena (also: thrifting queen, animal lover, outdoors appreciator) gives us the scoop.

Toad: Tell us a little bit about your overall inspiration for the Spring '24 collection.

Helena: This season it's all about comfort, while breaking out of your comfort zone – the joys and celebration of colors, texture mixing, and wardrobe experimentation. Pair that bright and bold pant with a knocked back, vintage-inspired top, or mix a cozy ribbed fabric with a recycled performance nylon... there are no rules in when in doubt, we say bring on more color.

Toad: We love a good color moment. Can you tell us a little bit more about the season's palette? 

Helena: Even when we go bright and bold, we still always lean into colors that you'll find in nature – such as Frog, Pollen and Tulip... so you can mix and match all you want and these nature-inspired hues still work together in a cohesive (but fun and unexpected) way.

For example, when it comes to greens... Pasture and Green Moss are two greens we've leaned into in a big way for different reasons. Pasture brings a vibrant, rich quality to an outfit that's great for year-round wear. True to its name, Green Moss is on the mossier side of things, a bit dustier and complex – used across both Women's and Men's bottoms this season to inject easy to wear color and brightness into the assortment. 

Toad: How about the prints? 

Helena: A personal favorite this season is the Aphid Fish ID print in the Men's Fletch Short Sleeve Shirt, inspired by a souvenir tee I bought at a grocery store in Hawaii. 

And beyond the fish, we continue to offer great print alternatives across our men's shirts, like strong Ikats in the Smythy Shirt and some fun play on plaids in the Patcher Shirt

Toad: Always fun to hear about your personal favorites for the season. Can you tell us about a few more? 

Helena: I'm super excited about the Sunkissed Pleated Skort! Lots of fun movement in this gal, literally and figuratively. Truly a ready for anything silhouette, with hidden shorts and pockets, plus a cute pleated skirt to boot. I love the riff on a classic pleated skirt paired up with our playful floral prints. Our custom Kohilo fabric holds the pleats really well, even with regular wash and wear. Plus, the fabric retains all its best performance characteristics: It's super lightweight, anti-wrinkle, and quick-drying – perfect for all-day high summer wear.  

Our team is also super proud of the Women's Cipher styles – which were designed to have nearly zero fabric waste. We worked closely with our Product Development team to puzzle together our pattern pieces to reduce our waste to almost zero. Of course, everything we make, we make as sustainably as possible... but these styles offer virtually zero waste in a new and unique way.