Secret Santa, But Make it Sustainable

Make this year's Secret Santa a celebration of planet Earth by curating your gifts with sustainability in mind. 

Here are some tips straight from the North Pole to you:

  1. Shop locally - Shopping locally cuts down on CO2 emissions from shipping and contributes to the health of local economies. It's good for the land and the people.
  2. Upcycle or DIY - Making your own gifts or upcycling old items keeps valuable resources out of landfill and in our hearts.
  3. Give the gift of reusable - Reusable gifts are the best kind of gifts. Your person will thank you with each use, and so will Mother Earth.
  4. Food - Who doesn't love being fed? Tasty snacks go a long way and mean less potential for gifts to end up in landfill.
  5. Plants - These little green friends are about as sustainable as it gets when it comes to gift giving. And the amount of joy they bring is simply plantastic (we mean it - here are 5 of our favorite benefits of houseplants). 
  6. Organic booze - Believe it or not, there’s tons of great organically sourced wine and beer out there. Who doesn’t love a good pesticide-free bevy?
  7. Art - Made by you, a friend or a favorite artist, giving art is a sure way to support an important part of our culture.
  8. IOU - Write down an I Owe You and give your Secret Santa partner the gift of one redeemable favor.
  9. Hug - This one may be a disappointment for the person expecting a bottle of organic wine, but hey the world needs more hugs. 
  10. Experiences - We're big proponents of experiences > stuff. Take a class together, organize a picnic, or gift concert tickets. Some times the best things in life aren't really things.