Not Your Average Rec Club: Our Spring Collection

Ever wonder how a new Toad&Co season comes to life? First, the inspiration's gotta strike. Here's the scoop on our newest spring collection, from designers Guin and Helena. 

Toad&Co: What was your initial inspiration behind this season?

Helena: We were interested in the concept of municipal rec clubs as unfussy and enduring spaces for fun and community building. There’s something for everyone, and it’s always a good time. Municipal spaces are still around and in use today, it felt like a natural source of inspiration, everything from Grandpa’s old gym pants to your mom’s high school tennis dress.

Toad&Co: How is this concept reflected in the collection?

Guin: Cooler mornings and warmer afternoons call for mixing all the textures – waffle, terry, sweater rib, crepe…we loved designing with new materials and old favorites.

Helena: If it’s not incredibly comfy, forget it. Our new collection sees plenty of pull-ons, skorts and skort dresses, vintage-inspired sweats and cozy layers.

Toad&Co: Can you give us a little peek into the process of how the whole season came to life?

Helena: We took this opportunity to glean the highlights of sportswear and rec wear from the days of yore, think Agassi’s denim shorts and 70s pool towels. 

Toad&Co: How does your experience with the 90s play into 90s nostalgia designing? 

Helena: It definitely requires some filtering – we all know those choice 90’s trends that should really stay in the 90’s...

Toad&Co: We hear you on that! What can you tell us about the color palette for the season? 

Helena: Our palette this season is full of unexpected yet easy to wear colors like Silverpine, Kelp, and Wild Ginger. We also threw in some punchy brights like Hibiscus, Dreamsicle, and Yarrow which are great tools for adding a shot of extra color through the assortment.

Toad&Co: How about any favorite prints? 

Helena: The Dreamsicle PDX Print in the Boundless collection was named as such because the print was inspired by the infamous Portland Airport carpet.