Still at Home: Quarantine Crafts

Anyone else starting to fee like Tom Hanks in Castaway, but in the best way? This summer of work from home and cancelled plans has forced us to find new DIY projects and joy in the simple things like sprinkles and onion peels (keep reading, it'll make sense). Here's what some of the Toads have been up to in recent weeks. Who knows what next month will bring...
Guin, Head of Women's Design
I’m customizing a bed for the back of the Forester! ☺ I’m starting on it tonight. Hopefully going to give it a go this weekend up in Big Sur. The back has about a 3” bump that I’m leveling out with gym floor puzzle pieces, and I bought a 3” foam mattress that I’m going to cut to size to maximize sleep space in the back – it’s tight for two adults and two dogs! We plan to just keep the dogs in the back on the mattress when we’re cruising, pack the floor of the back seats, toss the Yeti cooler out at night and utilize the rest of the cargo in the rocket box on the roof. Pandemic summer continues!
Sam, Toad&Co Freeport Associate
I've been cooking up a storm and I recently made homemade Pop Tarts! I didn’t have food coloring for the sprinkles so they’re all dyed with natural colors from stuff you’d find in the pantry. Delish.
Natalie, Sustainable Materials Manager
Does dying old grungy white clothes with food scraps and spices count?
*Editor's note: Yes, yes it does. Here's a step by step guide for how to tie-dye naturally.
Sarah, Toad Culture Queen
I started making my own candles – but not just scented candles. I reuse old glass pasta jars, or almond butter jars to make them, and I put dried flower petals to decorate the top. I top them off with a few gems throughout that “appear” as the wax melts. And, as a geologist, my rock collection is out of control. I have rocks that I have collected from all around the world, purchased at trade shows, and tumbled myself. My rocks, minerals and crystals are displayed on every surface of my house as well as on designated shelving. I decided I wanted to put together an Excel log categorizing and identifying each rock and then creating labels and lighting units for all of my displays. The displays are indoors (for the top tier rocks) and outdoors (for the second tier rocks). I am hoping by the end of the pandemic basically have a minerology exhibit in my house.