The Best Trail to Tavern Pairings Near Seattle

For many Seattleites—and many outdoorsy types in general, for that matter—the words hiking and beer go hand in hand and are often mentioned in the same sentence. Luckily, Washington has no shortage of either hikes or of brews—and there are ample opportunities to combine them. Any day spent going from a mountain summit with a 360-degree view, gushing waterfalls in the midst of old growth forests, or pristine alpine lakes surrounded by steep granite towers to a delicious craft pilsner, porter, or IPA is guaranteed to be a good one. Here, our recommendations for the best hike and beer pairings in Washington, from Mount Si to the Snoqualmie Brewery, from the Enchantments to the Icicle Brewing Company, and more.

1. Mount Si | Snoqualmie Brewery

The hike up Mount Si is a Seattle-area classic.The hike up Mount Si is a Seattle-area classic. J Brew.
Visited by more than 100,000 people every year, Mount Si is a classic trek that’s on the must-do list of nearly every Seattle-area hiker. But don’t let its popularity fool you into thinking this is an easy jaunt: Adventurers come to Si for the challenge. Ascending more than 3,000 feet in just under four miles, the trail steadily winds up switchbacks to the amazing views from the summit that look out at the I-90 corridor, the Olympics, and Seattle. Reaching the top of Si not only merits some serious bragging rights, but it also warrants some downtime to rest your weary legs while sipping on a cold one when you wrap up the trek. There is no better place to do so than the Snoqualmie Brewery. The taproom and restaurant is located just a few miles from the trailhead, with a menu that features more than a dozen year-round and seasonal beers brewed in house. Don’t leave without sampling the Haystack Hefeweizen, which was named for the rock formation that marks Mount Si’s true summit.

2. Rattlesnake Ledge | The Growler Station

Rattlesnake Ledge is a great spot to sit back and take in the view with a brew.Rattlesnake Ledge is a great spot to sit back and take in the view with a brew. Samantha Larson.
A few miles farther east from Mount Si, Rattlesnake Ledge is another great hike in Snoqualmie Valley. The trail climbs for two miles alongside sword ferns beneath a canopy of evergreen trees adorned in tufts of lichens and moss, until it reaches a rock ledge on the east ridge of Rattlesnake Mountain. The ledge looks out onto Rattlesnake Lake and the Issaquah Alps, the kind of vista that you’ll want to be able to sit back and soak up for a good while. And, of course, even the best views are taken to new heights with a brew in hand. Which is why you should stop at The Growler Station before hitting the trail, so you can bring something to drink to the top with you. Located on the way to the trailhead in North Bend, the Growler Station serves craft beers on the go from places like Schooner Exact Brewing, Black Raven Brewing Co., and Counterbalance Brewing Co. Once you reach the top, reward yourself with a few congratulatory sips at the summit—but don’t take so many that making your way back down turns into a misadventure.

3. Wallace Falls | The Prospector

The Prospector, in the town of Gold Bar, offers a relaxed atmosphere for beers and grub after a good hike. The Prospector, in the town of Gold Bar, offers a relaxed atmosphere for beers and grub after a good hike. Samantha Larson.
Wallace Falls is a beautiful, accessible hike almost literally gushing with rewards along the way, thanks to the cascading waterfalls along the route. After traveling along the banks of the babbling Wallace River, the trail then veers away as it climbs to the lower falls, then middle, then upper falls, which are located 2.8 miles from the trailhead. The water bursts down rock tiers into bowls below, with delicate mists rising up along either side. The Prospector, located in the town of Gold Bar less than two miles from the trailhead, is a great spot to grab a beer and some grub at the end of the journey. This tavern is quintessential Washington, yet unlike anything you’re likely to come across in Seattle. It has fun, low-key vibe, hearty burgers and steaks on the menu, and a selection of beers on tap to help wash it all down.

4. Snow Lakes | The Icicle Brewing Company

Bottoms up!Bottoms up! Courtesy of Icicle Brewing Company.
Hiking to Snow Lakes in a day certainly warrants a treat afterward. Preferably, in the form of a delicious, crisp adult beverage that was brewed at the Icicle Brewing Company , just outside The Enchantments in Leavenworth. This brewery embodies Washington pride as much as it does the town’s quirky Bavarian theme, with the names of beers reflecting the state’s landscapes and history, such as the Crosscut Pilsner, Bootjack IPA, and Colchuck Raspberry Wheat.

5. Boulder River Trail | River Time Brewing

The Boulder River Trail is a great warmup for spending some quality time at River Time Brewing. The Boulder River Trail is a great warmup for spending some quality time at River Time Brewing. Samantha Larson.
The Boulder River Trail combines two of Washington hikers’ favorites: old-growth forests and waterfalls. This 8.6-mile round-trip trek follows along the Boulder River and is relatively flat, making it a nice break from so many of the other local trails that involve steep climbs. After beginning on an old logging road, the path narrows to a trail and, about a mile from the trailhead, brings you to a double waterfall surrounded by colorful monkey flower. Continuing on, you will travel deeper into the Boulder River Wilderness where you will see more and and more grand, old-growth trees. But an essential ingredient for a truly good day on the trail is—you guessed it—beer. That's where River Time Brewing comes in. Less than 10 miles away from the Boulder River trailhead, just south of the town of Darrington, this taphouse on the banks of the Sauk River is a wonderful place to sit outside and relax on a sunny day. The brewhouse, in Darrington’s old City Hall building, has a fun and friendly vibe and, of course, mouthwatering craft brews.

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