Open Air Hero
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Less gear, more nature. That’s our M.O. when it comes to exploring the fruits of Mother Nature’s labors. So we set out to make a collection that would allow us to scramble over rocks, jump into streams, sleep in the car, mosey through town and do it all over again the next day. Our new Open Air Collection was made for doing just that. Inspired by the Trail to Tavern® lifestyle and engineered with just enough technology, Open Air styles have special features like water–friendly fabrics, Debug Insect Shield® protection and Polygiene® odor control treatment. They dry in a jiff, have a hint of stretch and are comfy enough to wear for 24 hours straight. It’s everything you want when you come across that perfect, untouched swimming hole, just beckoning you to take a dip but you've got a dinner date in 30… go ahead and jump, we’ve got your back.

Open Air Descent