Tips for Staying Outside All Winter Long

While we’re no strangers to staying in on a chilly day and enjoying all that a cozy home has to offer (those home improvement projects will come in handy!), most Toads can agree that getting outdoors is what feeds our souls. But when Winter comes around, finding ways to stay outside requires a little more imagination. Here's our list of handy Toad tips to help you stay outside all winter!

  1. SOAK IN A HOT TUB - Natural, homemade or pre-fab, soaking in a tub of hot water on a cold day brings about a bliss that is simply primordial. While not everyone is lucky enough to live in hiking's distance to a natural hot spring, there are plenty of ways to wrangle up a hot tub in your backyard. We've been dreaming about building cedar tubs in each of our yards (ambitious? no way).

  1. GET YOUR HEART PUMPING - Hike, run, do jumping jacks or spin around in circles (but not too fast). All these movements will get your heart pumping and blood circulating to keep you warm while you breathe in that fresh cold air.

  1. BUILD A BONFIRE - Gather up your friends, family and neighbors for a night of pure backyard bliss — bonfires are known to bring out the best in folks. From singing to roasting marshmallows, there’s no better way to lively up yourselves than circling around a fire pit on a cold night. Cue “Lively Up Yourself” by Bob Marley and The Wailers.

  1. GO FOR A SKATE - For Toads living in truly wintery wonderlands, lace up your skates and hit the local ice rink for an afternoon outdoors. Don’t have an ice rink? Here’s a DIY video on how to build one (warning: this is not for the faint of heart).

  1. JUST LOOK UP - If you can muster up the courage to brave the weather, stargazing in the Winter is the best time to do it. Cold weather and clear skies provide unbridled views of constellations and planets. Bring out a telescope and prepare to have your mind blown. Don’t believe us? Winter is the best for stargazing, we promise.


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