Toad Tips For Mental Health Awareness Week

It’s a busy world out there. Talking about mental health and wellness can sometimes be as difficult as taking care of it.

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Week and May being Mental Health Month, here’s a round-up of a few of our favorite easy (and dare we say fun) tips to gently take five and try to lift your day.

  1. Coffee – Did you know that the magical morning beans are also linked to lower rates of depression? If a cup of coffee isn’t on the menu, try another good-for-you bevy, like green or black tea.
  2. Cooler Zzz’s – The optimal sleep temperature is between 60-67° F. Adjusting the thermostat to cooler temps can actually help promote better sleep!
  3. Color – Try clearing your mind by spending 20 minutes coloring. Designs that are geometric or a little bit complicated are best. We love these free designs.
  4. Share A Laugh – A little laughter goes a long way to reducing anxiety. Call a friend, watch a dog or cat video, or put on a feel-good comedy.
  5. Yawn – Don’t hold it in! Studies suggest that yawning helps cool the brain to improve alertness and mental efficiency.
  6. Get Outside – This one might sound familiar (see our Science of Getting Outside blog). Being in nature can increase energy levels, reduce depression, and boost overall well-being. Try a stroll around the block, local park, or short hike. Pressed for time? Try taking your laptop outside to wrap up your workday.
  7. Enjoy A Tried-and-True Activity – Sometimes new activities add more anxiety than familiar ones. Lean into a favorite hobby, activity, or exercise that doesn’t have a learning curve or new tools required.
  8. Plan A Trip – Rally your friends for camping or look further afield. Having a getaway to look forward to can boost your happiness for the entire lead-up to the vacation! Can’t get away? Try…
  9. Hometown Tourist – When was the last time you tried a new-to-you local restaurant or food truck pop-up? Are there any corners in your town that you’ve been meaning to explore? Enjoy something fresh where you live.
  10. See Ya Sunday Scaries – Try prepping lunches or clothes the day (or days) prior. You’ll save time in the morning and have a sense of control about the week ahead.