Toad Tips for Work From Home Wellness

As work-from-home-veterans with a solid year’s experience wearing PJs during Zoom meetings (secret's out), we’ve learned a few things about keeping ourselves happy and healthy despite having all day access to a stocked refrigerator. Like a good breakfast burrito, these tips are simple. But we're certain they can help maintain your overall well being when working day in and day out in the same space that you’re supposed to relax in.

  1. Lay down the law - It’s tempting to stretch your work hours beyond the typical 9-5 to get more stuff done (there’s always more stuff), but don’t let your work time interfere with your YOU time. When the workday's over, it’s time to hit the proverbial road.
  2. Set up your space - Dividing your workspace from the rest of your home is not always doable, especially if your apartment is the size of a storage closet, but setting up some clear separation between 'work area' and 'fun area' will help you switch modes when it’s time to shut down. 
  3. Take a break - Be sure to switch it up throughout the day. Walk around the block, water your plants, eat an apple – just avoid working like a marathon runner and give yourself some time to refocus.
  4. Socialize for sanity - It's easy to let the screen suck you in all day, but interactions IRL can really raise the spirits. Whether it's a midday chat with your neighbor, a check-in with your mailman, or a nice long heart-to-heart with your favorite houseplant (take a page from the book of Toad), a little non-work related conversation can do ya good. 
  5. L.U.N.C.H. - We all know it, we all love it. Make lunch special by prepping delicious meals that you can look forward to all morning long. Our favorites include the at-home salad bar, the triple stack sandy and the not-so-breakfast burrito.