Wear More, Wash Less (And Other Eco Laundry Tips)

Doing the wash and keeping the planet happy often don't go hand in hand. But there are some easy swaps you can make to lower your laundry footprint, and keep your utility bills down while you're at it.
Laundry basket
  1. Small spill or stain? A little spot clean should do the trick.
  2. Wash with cold water whenever possible.
  3. Always run full loads, and skip the extra rinse cycle. 
  4. Have a house on the prairie moment and opt for line drying when you can. 
  5. If you do machine dry, use a high speed.
  6. Buy green detergent or DIY it
  7. Choose eco-friendly dry cleaners. 
  8. Say see ya to dryer sheets. Use (and reuse) rubber or wool dryer balls instead. If you really miss the scent, it's nothing a couple drops of essential oils can't recreate. 
  9. Wear more, wash less. Dirty is the new clean (peep the tags inside your Toad clothes if you don't believe us).