Toad Travel Diaries: Our Best Summer Trips (and What We Packed)

Us Toads love an adventure. And while sometimes that adventure is running into an old friend on our way to the grocery store, other times it's an epic trip across the world. 

If you're looking for a little travel inspiration, or just something to fuel your daydreaming, here are a few of our Toads' best summer adventures – plus their top picks for must-have packable travel clothes. 


We went to Alaska and were lucky to be able to explore from Denali to the Kenai Peninsula. I have a soft spot for visiting our national parks and made it to two on this trip (two checks on the bucket list). We also explored some national forests via boat and saw tons of tidal glaciers. Fun fact: To get to Prince William Sound, you have to travel through the longest highway tunnel in North America (2.5 miles!). It's a one-lane tunnel shared by cars and trains traveling in both directions. 

My Go-To Travel Pants: I wore the Boundless Pants every day! They make one of the best travel outfits for planes and during long car rides, kept the mosquitoes off, and were awesome for hiking in both shade and sun (plus dried fast after a sweaty climb carrying my 4.5 year old). The best part was they still looked good when we got off the trail or water and it was time to grab that victory beer."

Sarah P.

South Africa is an animal-lover and adventure-seeker's paradise. As avid campers, my husband Brennan and I were determined to sleep under the stars so we went to a safari camp with a "sleep out" option. We drove 30 minutes into the bush, were left on a raised platform with a picnic basket and wine for dinner, and a walkie talkie in case of emergency (luckily, we didn't need it). Sleeping outside amongst the laughter of hyenas and distant crunch of elephants toppling trees was a definite highlight!

Pro tip: If you're worried about crowds, mosquitoes or sweltering temps, South Africa is the place to be during the (US) summer months (their winter). 

Our Adventure Wardrobe: Brennan brought two pairs of Mission Ridge Pants and wore them every single day (they made it to hikes, fancy dinners and safaris). He also brought his favorite Fletch Shirt, which can easily be dressed up or down. I rocked the Re-Form Flannel Shirt most days and always wore my Grom Tank as a base layer. And I bring a Heartfelt Hoodie everywhere I go on trips because it's so universal and cozy (and doubles as a plane blanket)."

Sisters/Coworkers Kelly and Sarah M.

Our funniest moment on our family trip to Ireland was a bad rendition of an Irish jig in response to a rowdy group of drinkers at a Dublin pub. From there, we continued to eat, drink and jig our way through the country (with slight improvement by the end of the trip). 

Kelly's Long Flight Staple: I wore the Gemina Jumpsuit on the 8-hour flight and it was absolutely amazing. Felt like PJs, but looked presentable – plus it flexed with my growing (Guinness-induced) belly throughout the trip. 

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