When It Comes to Travel, Just Go For It

Kate_sun The travel bug always strikes me in the middle of the work week. Somewhere between my morning emails and the 3rd cup of coffee, my mind starts to wander to days spent meandering cobblestone streets, washing clothes in bathroom sinks, sipping dreamy cappuccinos at cafes with names I can't pronounce… Traveling is exciting and, although not always relaxing, it's always memorable. It's those memories - of the places we've been and the people we get to know along the way - that give us something to daydream about and work toward. Our friends over at the travel blog Wonderlust and Lipstick summed up this feeling perfectly in a recent post, Traveling Inspiration: Why You Should Just Go For It. No matter how simple your next trip, shaking up your daily routine is good for the body and mind. Grab a bag, toss in a few layers, set an away message and off you go.