Trek Across Maine

There's a reason our tagline is "Keep Good Company." Everything is a little bit better when you've got someone to share it with. Or hundreds of people. That's how our gal Courtney Edmands felt when she completed Trek Across Maine, a 180 mile bike ride to benefit the American Lung Association. Courtney is one of the Toads at our Freeport, ME store. She's equal parts heart and spunk, and someone whom we feel pretty darn lucky to keep company with. Here's a snapshot into her Trek Across Maine. Ride on, Courtney!
courtneyE2 180 miles wound through rural towns of Downeast Maine, amongst stunning golden meadows and mountain views, over bridges and alongside rivers. From Sunday River in Bethel, ME to the Atlantic coast in Belfast, sleepy vistas jolted awake as 2,000 cyclists put petal to pavement for the Trek Across Maine event over Father's Day weekend. With clear, sunny skies and a steady stream of like minded folks by my side, the road was my ultimate happy place (even during mile 101). In it's 32nd year, Trek Across Maine is a 3 day ride from mountains to the sea that benefits the American Lung Association. It's an event that we Mainers look forward to every year. Participants from outdoor sporting companies, bike vendors, local hospitals and individuals from across the state come together to bike for a cause. view Taking a leap out of my comfort zone, I signed up for the life changing experience. It was inspiring to see the collaboration efforts amongst all the different communities. Dedicated staff and volunteers created a stunning, well laid out course with all the necessities we needed along the way. Crowds came out to cheer us on as we rode through little towns. And friends and family heard our call to donate, no matter how much, to the cause that we were supporting. It really does take a village. That and some well-greased gears. Over the 3 days I pushed my physical and mental limits. When the horn was blown at Sunday River on Day 1, all 2,000 of us started down the path together. Motivating music and encouraging cheers faded into sounds of wild wind, clicking gears and calls of “On your left!” Hours of road signs, kitschy local advertising and wide open spaces gave way to mind games of endurance. And every so often I was confronted with the true danger of the road: holding a long breath while zipping past a hefty cow farm! But boy, did we celebrate at the end of the day! After 60 or so miles each day, we'd roll into the final stop with sore feet and happy hearts. Exhausted but never too tired for a cold beer, we would find our way to the local live bar. At the end of Day 1, we made our way to The Dugout in Farmington, ME where we enjCourtneyEoyed perhaps the most refreshing beer to date (but after 60 miles on a bike, just about all refreshments have new meaning). Over local Allagash White and Frye's Leap IPA from Sebago Brewing, we reminisced on the great landscapes we'd just rolled through. Folks swam in the river, cheersed in the beer tent and spent some time tuning up their trusty steeds. It wasn't completely rugged, but there’s certainty in remembering 60 miles are ahead the next morning... So we woke up, legs bound to bicycle, and the only option was to keep cranking chain. Ten miles turned into child's play, being “just around the corner” from the next check point. We'd hear hoots and hollers up ahead when riders at the top of the hill had made it, encouraging us to keep on keepin' on. After hours on the road, you realize you might be on the same path as everyone else, but the adventure has become your own. Three days later, the aches and pains gave way to gratitude. I was proud of myself and proud of everyone for making the trek across Maine, and I was proud to support such a great cause. Knowing that we made an impact on The American Lung Association made that last ride across the finish line that much sweeter. And in case you were curious, why yes I DID bike in a skirt! I will say the Toad&Co Whirlwind Skirt was, and continues to be, one of the best "bike to beer" pieces I've ever owned. To be able to wear it over cycling shorts and transition comfortably to a more dressy dinner piece in one swift motion… incredible! I receive compliments to this day when I wear it (which is embarrassingly often). If it's good enough for the bike path, it's good enough for me! FullSizeRender IMG_2258