Valentines for Everyone You Love

We think love can be way more than a romantic feeling. We’re all about celebrating friendship, furry family who enthusiastically greet you (and the cats who don’t), self-love, and devotion to the local surf spot.


Spread the gratitude to everyone you care about! Here’s a couple of hearty conversation starters to put on paper, text, or IRL to get’cha going:

  • For your pet:“You’re pawsitively the best.”
  • For your BFF:“You make my heart smile,” or, “I love you like the last slice of pizza.” 
  • For yourself:“Take a breath,” and, “You got this!”
  • For the surf line up:“Share the swell… and a smile!”
  • For your neighbor:“Your BBQ always smells great!” or, “IOU so many cups of sugar!”
  • For the planet:“Green looks great on you!” or, “Go sustainable, or go nude.” (Better yet, try gesturing your love for the planet on V-Day: pick up a piece of trash, carpool, or bring your own growler).
  • For your partner:“Wanna (reusable) spoon?” 
  • For your coworker friend:“Work besties like you are harder to find than a dozen eggs at the store.”

And remember, when words are hard, a friendly smile goes a long way.