Sustainable Game Day Tips

It’s game time—both for the teams playing and those of us at home rooting for Planet Earth. Here are some tips on making your gathering greener than the grass on the field.   

Shop Local 

Skip the supermarket and hit your local green grocer or farmer’s market for your game day produce. Not only will it taste fresher, it’s a win for the earth. 

Reuse Those Cups

When the beer starts flowing, it can be tough to keep track of whose cup is whose. Go for reusable cups that are easy to tell apart, or a recyclable option + a pen so everyone can write their name (or a fun design!) to keep theirs separate. 

Buy in Bulk

When it comes to the staples like chips and drinks, bigger is better. If you know your crew will power through enough food to feed a stadium (no judgment here), it’s best to go bulk. Less packaging = less waste, and if you don’t finish everything? Leftovers, baby. 

Encourage Carpooling

Save gas (and the planet) by riding together. Bikes and transit are ideal, but if you have to drive, buddy up. If you’re hosting, send out a spreadsheet to pair up those who can give a ride to those who need one. 

Dress to Impress (Mother Earth) 

We love a team uniform, but jerseys aren’t always made from the most sustainable stuff. Rather than buying brand new threads to support your fave team, make your own by picking up a used tee in your colors and decorating it yourself. Fun and creative? That’s the Toad way. 

Set the Temp 

A house full of people can go from “comfortable” to “inside of an oven” in a snap. Lower your thermostat to keep both your guests happy and your energy use down. 

Prepare for Lefties 

The big game is done and dusted, and regardless of the outcome on the field, it was a win for hanging with friends and eating good food. But what to do with the leftovers (if there are any)? Save them, obvi. Tell friends to bring reusable containers and send them home with snacks.