We ♡ Samba230

Samba230-Blog-Panel Our favorite Samba fabric just captured our hearts all over again. A cool-weather twist on our favorite year-round knit, Samba 230 (grams, that is) offers 30% more weight for colder temps, more coverage and more Samba love. Made from a mix of eco-friendly Tencel®, feel-good organic cotton and a hint of stretchy spandex, we knew we loved Samba from first touch. So with Samba 230, there's even more to love. Samba 230 is 55% organic cotton (that's where the heft comes from), 39% Tencel (that's the silky-soft part) and 6% spandex (so you're always feeling comfy). And to top it all off, Samba 230 is just about as environmentally friendly as they come. Organic cotton farming starts with GMO-free seeds and follows practices that maintain soil health, conserve water and support biodiversity. And Tencel® is an eco-chic dream come true: This cellulosic fiber is derived from eucalyptus trees (which grow in soil that specifically cannot be used for food crops) in a closed-loop production process. Efficient, clean and 98% of the by-products are recovered and reused. What's not to love?