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Sustainable Dog Beds

They say every dog has its day. Make it every day with Toad&Co’s Eco Dog Bed! From cover to stuffing, the Eco Dog Bed is made with upcycled fabric and with no added water or dyes. Dogmatic sustainability at its finest.

As a sustainable company, we’ve got a bone to pick with the apparel industry: too many fabrics end up in landfills. We’ve always been committed to minimizing our waste and doing more with less. So when we had an excess amount of fabric, we knew we had to use it. Solution? Let’s make a dog bed – the best, most eco-friendly dog bed possible.

Our Eco Dog Bed makes for happy dogs and a happy planet. The upcycled exterior is made from two durable organic cotton blends that we’ve used in pants. The filling is salvaged fabric scraps straight from the cutting room floor – scraps that can’t be recycled or reused and were destined for the dump. When all is said and done, each dog bed will keep about 5 lbs. of fabric out of the landfill.

norman on small dog bed
dogs in back of car

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  • Made from upcycled and eco-friendly fabrics
  • Stuffed with salvaged fabric scraps
  • No-chew zipper garage
  • Secure pocket to hold your dog’s favorite comfort item
  • Great for home or tossing in the back of a car
  • Zip-off cover for easy wash-and-dry cleaning
norman on small dog bed