How to Replace Plastic Use in Daily Life

There’s a time and a place for plastic, but by and large there’s just too much plastic in the world. Here’s our guide for how to reduc...

How to Host an Outdoor Movie Night

Light the citronella candles, pop the corn, and use the cooler as a footstool – here’s our guide for how to throw an old-fashioned outdoor movie n...

12 Tips to Live a Zero-Waste Lifestyle for Newbies & Fun DIY Projects

A zero waste lifestyle can be accomplished step by step. Here are 12 steps for getting started with zero waste, and DIY ideas to keep it fun.

Tiki Tiki Rum Rum Recipe

It’s not as impressive as 10 hours of extra features on the Lord of the Rings DVD set, but this recipe is our version of “behind the scenes....

Repreve Recycled Fabrics

We make clothing made from recycled materials, like REPREVE recycled polyester made from recycled plastic bottles.

DEET vs. Insect Shield

Not all insect repellents are created equal. Let’s breakdown the main differences between DEET and Insect Shield clothing.

How To: Natural Tie Dye

A step by step guide to making natural dyes from food scraps (good for the landfills, and good for a low waste kitchen. Win, win).

Bringing Optimism to our Cities: One Color at a Time

How a local architecture and design firm brought good vibes to our Lizard Lounge store while its doors were closed.

The Benefits of Meditation

A guide to the benefits of meditation and types of mindfulness by our in-house meditation expert (and Sustainable Materials Manager) Natalie.

The Quarantinarita

Born from necessity — and the ingredients in the pantry. The Quarantinarita is the ultimate shelter-in-place cocktail.

How to Look on the Bright Side

Our simple formula for How to Look on the Bright Side of any situation.

Factories Spotlight

We’re proud of the company we keep when it comes to our partners in sourcing and manufacturing. We spotlight two of our biggest factories.

Toad Picks: CBD Products

It’s no secret that we love hemp. Here are our our favorite CBD products – another hemp offspring!

Winner Winner, Grilled Cheese Dinner

The Golden Spatula Award and Best Grilled Cheese of 2020 goes to The Dracula Slayer – you’ve been warned.