10 Things You Didn't Know Beer Could Do

Our #1 beer activity is undoubtedly drinking it (of course), but if you find yourself in the rare position where you have too much, or perhaps it's gone a bit stale, you're in luck. In honor of International Beer Day (August 6), here are 10 other ways to use this tasty bev: 

1) Bake beer bread.

2) Polish gold jewelry.

3) Marinate meat.

4) Shampoo your hair for surprising shine.

5) Make a fruit fly trap.

6) Polish copper and cast iron cookware.

7) Add to waffles for extra fluffiness.

8) Steam clams or mussels, use to boil shrimp, or as a batter for fish 'n chips.

9) Ice injuries with cold cans (then drink it to aid the recovery).

10) Make Beer BBQ sauce.