6 Things We Love About Biking

Biking goes way back to the early days of transportation, before we had cars and horses were the next best thing. But this method of getting from A to B is not a relic of the past. In fact, it’s more important now than ever. Not only does riding a bike massively cut down CO2 emissions, but it also has health benefits that directly impact our well-being (plus, it’s just plain fun). If your current commute is a walk from bedroom to dining room, try a cruise around the block before you start your workday. Good mood guaranteed. 

Here are 6 reasons why biking is totally awesome for body and soul.

  1. It boosts your health — Gets your heart rate pumping, burns off breakfast burritos and is an overall low-impact way of moving your body. Pro tip: ride to work in clothing that stands up to sweat, like our pedal-tested TENCEL® fabric.
  2. See new sights — Riding a bike encourages you to take different routes and see your town, city or neighborhood from a new perspective. Slow down and enjoy the scenery, it's all good.
  3. Think new thoughts — Many notable figures throughout history have done their best thinking on a bike (Albert Einstein *cough cough*). Riding gives you time to let your mind wander and see what comes out — maybe it's your next big genius idea. 
  4. Have some fun — Riding a bike is just plain fun. It brings you back to the joys of childhood, when two wheels and a slight downhill was all you needed to have a laugh. That same joy runs true today, and riding a bike is the key.
  5. Elevate your style — Let’s face it, riding a bike looks totally, undeniably cool. There’s nothing to elevate your laid back vibes like cruising with some wind in your hair. Don’t be surprised if you get props from your friends at work, or if you start a trend, biking is cool. 
  6. Start a bike gang — Ever noticed all the cyclists at your neighborhood coffee shop? Chances are they’re on to something. Riding with friends is a great way to get together, shoot the s*&t and start your day off right.