How to Sew a Button 101

Ahhh, the humble button. The unsung hero of the holidays, the keeper of peace and revealer of truths. You don't realize how much you rely on your buttons until it's too late. Luckily, we at Toad have popped a few buttons in our lifetime and know how it feels to be left high and dry, with ne'er a spare button in sight. That's why we sewed some extra backup buttons into your Toad&Co garments. Grab a needle and thread and get to mending! You'll score some sustainability points (Way to spare your busted shirt from the landfill!) and prove your domestic prowess. So when Thanksgiving accidents happen, or you snag your clothes while decorating the tree, or you rip off your shirt in a blaze of karaoke glory, just look to your extra buttons to keep the party going. And if the issue is bigger than a button, we'll always take back your Toad&Co clothes if you find a flaw in your garment. Or if you don't get a compliment within three wearings. Seriously. We'll take it back and make it right. We guarantee it.
How to sew a button