Our Guarantee

If you don't get a compliment within three wearings or if you find something wrong with your Toad&Co garment, we'll take it back and make it right.
We're sure you'll feel so good in your new Toad that people will notice. When you’re looking and feeling good, you’ll always impress.

We're not kidding…

"All three products that I purchased are great. I read your guarantee that I should be complimented after wearing the product and was surprised that indeed it did happen with all three!" – Jordan

"Lots of compliments while wearing my Rosalinda dress! Wow! This may be the best clothing purchase I've ever made! Dress it up or down, this dress will catch attention no matter what." – Katie

"Love this shirt. Fits well, feels great and I got a compliment on the shirt the first time I wore it - just like the tag said I would!" – Joe

If you're unsatisfied with any Horny Toad or Toad&Co item, we'll happily take it back!