Summer Solstice Plans? Try This Itinerary

Summer Solstice might just be the best day of the year, so we've put together a handy little itinerary with a host of Toad-tested activities to choose from.

7am-8am: Say hello to the sun with a few mellow Sun Salutations.

8am-9am: Serve up a celebratory breakfast feast outside, but keep it semi-light — we've got an active day ahead. *Optional (but encouraged): Set out a mason jar with your favorite sun brew iced tea recipe for later. We love sweet tea with a hint of orange (recipe here).

9am-11am: Get weird. Jump, run, dance, just shake it out in your backyard. Don't worry, we've got a Summer mood playlist to get you going.

11am-2pm: Fun in the sun. Hop on your bike and ride down to your favorite waterhole (aka beach, creek, river or inflatable kiddy pool) and soak it in.

2pm-3pm: If you've got a farmer's market or local produce stand, great — hit it. Get all the goods for a BBQ, because what's more summer than grillin'?

3pm-6pm: Get your pals over, crank up that playlist and fire up the 'Q. If you're looking for a little menu inspiration, start here

6pm-Sunset: Grab a cooler of beers or a mason jar cocktail and get to your favorite viewpoint. Catch that epic summer sun set while you reflect on the day's adventures.

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