A Toad Guide to Summer Camping

It's camping season. You've got your sleeping bag, firewood, and headlamp. But level up your game with these unexpected essentials. 

  1. Vibe lights - Whether you're rocking homemade lanterns or color-changing LEDs, be sure to bring some lighting to set the nighttime mood at your campsite. 
  2. Cast iron everything - Cast iron pans are a timeless piece of outdoors heritage. But step up your game with additional cast iron cookware, like a dutch oven or a tortilla press. Impress your buddies with one of these easy Dutch Oven recipes for camping
  3. BBQ fishing rod - Imagine dangling a hotdog over a fire with a fishing pole. It's genius, check it out
  4. Party hammock - When planning to hammock, make sure you hang out in one that has space for the whole crew. Oversized hammocks do exist, they are safe (when properly secured) and are tons of fun. 
  5. Playing cards - A small item that packs a big punch on the fun scale. We love this National Parks-inspired deck
  6. Camp kitchen must-haves - If you're like us, mealtime is a main highlight of every camping trip we take. A few of our best hacks: Fill cleaned out condiment bottles with pancake batter or pre-whisked eggs for an instant and epic breakfast; a hanging shoe rack makes a perfect camp pantry; and an old toolbox is the perfect size for spices, utensils, bottle openers, and mini booze bottles. Cheers!
  7. Playlist - Fireside tunes are key. This playlist pairs best with a hot toddy. 
  8. Gourmet s'mores - A real camper knows there are no limits when it comes to the perfect campfire treat. Try these 5 twists on a classic s'more
  9. Eco essentials - While you're enjoying Mother Nature's beauty, make sure you treat her right. Keep reusable dishes and utensils, a beer mug/coffee cup (dual purpose!), and your water bottle on your every-campout list. 
  10. The right clothes - Comfy, durable, and easily packable. Our Women's Travel and Men's Travel collections were practically made for a duffel bag.