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Vegan Clothing

Like vegan food, vegan apparel is any garment made without animal products. Some things may seem obvious (like leather and suede), but vegan materials also exclude materials obtained through animal exploitation. Our vegan clothes avoid materials like fur, silk, feathers, angora, down and leather. Instead, we make vegan-friendly clothing out of plant-based and man-made fibers. And when it comes to the happy marriage of vegan eco-friendly clothes, there are tons of sustainable and recycled fibers that make the cut (lookin’ at you, Tencel®). So next time someone asks, “What are vegan clothes?” you can point to your Toad threads and give them the rundown.

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“We’ve seen a surge of high-performing vegan fabrics that are the perfect combination of soft and sustainable. Like other vegan fabrics, organic cotton is easier to clean than wool, faster drying, and softer to the touch. Check out Toad&Co’s Rosemarie Dress, a blend of organic cotton and Tencel.”

Vegan Fibers

ORGANIC COTTON: The ONLY cotton in our eyes. Starts with GMO-free seed and follows practices that maintain soil health, conserve water and support biodiversity. 100% of our cotton is certified organic cotton. Period. Shop Women's or Men's styles featuring organic cotton.

TENCEL®: Soft, perfect drape and made from responsibly forested trees in a closed-loop system. Efficient, clean and 98% of by-products are recovered and reused. Waste not, want not. See our styles featuring Tencel®.

RECYCLED POLYESTER: Goodbye plastic bottles, hello awesome fabrics. Made from post-consumer plastic waste which reduces emissions and uses less water that virgin polyester. Also stems the mountain of trash entering landfills and oceans. See Women's and Men's styles with recycled polyester.

LENZING MODAL®: Starts with sustainably grown trees and processed in an energy-efficient system that reuses most of the by-products. We’re big fans. Shop our styles featuring Lenzing Modal.

HEMP & LINEN: Hemp & Linen are fast growing, low maintenance crops that are grown primarily with rain water, requiring minimal chemical inputs during growth and processing. Extra hemp bonus: the entire plant can be used.

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Eco Logo

Not all clothes are created equal. Our eco icon indicates clothing made from a minimum of 80% sustainable fibers and/or fabrics that are 3rd party certified for responsible manufacturing.